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Silvergum Publishing is an independent publishing imprint based in Perth, Australia. We are members of the Australian Publishers Association and the Small Press Network.

All books we publish are unique, and aim to entertain and inspire our readers. Our books are available in both paperback and e-book formats on Amazon, Apple and Google Play. 


Our Latest Books


The Pirate Princess and The Sirens' Song

Lotty's adventures continue in this exciting new book. Can she find what the Sirens most desire and save the pirates or will they be trapped on the mysterious island forever? 


"Some acts can never be forgiven."


 The story of sisters Lexi and Hadley continues in book two of the Seventeen Series.

With the KV17 virus now in its mutated form not even the children are safe. Can Lexi and her friends survive this new threat? An exciting survival story set in the Australian outback.   



No adults No rules No help. Could you survive?


 Book 1 in the exciting YA Seventeen Series. 

Set in the outback of Western Australia, this series follows the story of two sisters left abandoned when the KV17 virus kills every adult on Earth.

2018 Winner New Apple Awards Sci-fi and Horror.

2020 Bronze Medalist Readers' Favorite Science Fiction Award.

The Pirate Princess and The Golden Locket

The exciting new children's adventure story about orphan Lotty and Mr Jacks, a little dog with attitude!

Award winner in the Reader's Favorite International Literary Awards and Book Excellence awards.

Preparing for a Lockdown FINAL in

Preparing for a Lockdown

What can you to do when your family is placed in isolation because of a power outage, natural disaster or pandemic?


Preparing for a Lockdown will help prepare you and your family for lockdown and isolation with helpful tips on how to sanitize your food and home, alternative light sources,  cooking in an emergency and recipes using food from your pantry.


An easy read to help keep you safe and secure in your home.

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